Coffee SuperLatte

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All the joys of your favorite oat milk latte, without the jitters & crash. Upgraded with adaptogens, mushrooms and probiotics to help ease stress and sharpen focus.

Taste-tested by baristas. Just-add-water by you.


Stable energy & focus without jitters or crash of traditional coffee

Long-term stress support from adaptogens reishi & ashwagandha

Neuroprotection from lion’s mane mushroom

Designed to be effective immediately, and build benefits with daily use

How To Use

Hot: Add 3 tbsp to 6-8oz hot water. Froth or blend.

Iced: Mix 3 tbsp with 5oz warm water. Pour over ice.

Sip anytime you need elevated energy without the comedown.


Thoughtfully made in coastal California, with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Coffee: certified Organic and Fair Trade. It’s grown by majority women-led and women-farmed operations, where workers are paid 150% higher wages than fair trade requirements.

Adaptogens: Our mushrooms are organic, water extracted & 100% fruiting body. Our Ashwagandha is organic & full spectrum extracted.

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