Date Night Fondue Set

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Dip your way to romance with this heart-shaped kit for insatiable lovers of savory and sweet snacks.


You know what they say: The couple that dips together, sticks together. Transform date night into a romantic culinary experience with this love-themed fondue set. First, cover the acacia wooden surface with crusty bread, fresh veggies, or dippable desserts (we recommend strawberries, bananas, or brownies). After setting the mood with some music, add a tealight for ambiance and, of course, warmth. Place your lover's favorite sweet or savory indulgence into the heart-shaped pot and wait for things to heat up. You're now ready to play, nibble, and share each dipped morsel using the included pair of arrow skewers (thanks, cupid). Made in India.


ceramic, acacia wood, tealight candle, stainless steel


11" W x 5" H