Defina - Contour & Define Massaging Roller

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Chisel and tone your jawline with cooling precision! Defina, our rose quartz  double gemstone roller has a unique V-shaped design to sculpt and define the contours of the face.


Roll over acupressure points, while hugging the jawline, cheekbone, and brow bone to promote firmness, stimulate blood flow, and help reduce fine lines with the lasting cooling relief of rose quartz.


  • Diamond-cut texture amplifies massaging experience
  • 3D V-shape fits the natural shape of the face, emphasis on the jawline


  • Use daily for visible facial toning, brightening, and contouring
  • Use in an upward motion to stimulate collagen, blood flow and cast a natural glow
  • Eliminate toxins, smooths fine lines, revealing a refreshed appearance
  • Alleviates TMJ pain


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