Mocha SuperLatte

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Sip on a coffee that cares. The Mocha SuperLatte is our stress-supportive take on a coffee shop classic, using obsessively sourced ingredients that caretake person & planet. Crafted with balancing botanicals that support you through the most demanding season of the year.

Don’t quit your coffee. Just make it care for you.

Approx 14 Servings per bag.


Stable energy without jitters or crash

Mood boost from cacao

Long-term stress support from powerful adaptogens

Neuroprotection from lion’s mane

How To Use

Hot: Add 3 tbsp to 6-8oz hot water. Froth or blend.

Iced: Mix 3 tbsp with 5oz warm water. Pour over ice.

Sip anytime you need an uplifted buzz, without the downsides.


Thoughtfully made in coastal California, with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Mocha features Fair Trade coffee & vanilla bean, single origin Diaspora Co cinnamon, and regenerative Ecuadorian cacao. It’s our most ethically + sustainably sourced SuperLatte yet - with quality that could satisfy a chef.

Mocha Nutrition Facts